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Rust Cage Half Gallon Mason Jar Pendant Light

Regular price $ 85.00

Great Pendant light!!

Do you love mason jars?
Here you have a single half gallon jar with a rust "cage" and the bottom cut out. The glass does have a slight green/blue tint as it is made with recycled glass. The rust color is achieved by a mixture of green, red, and brown paint.

It has one jar with a 40 Watt light bulb. We recommend not using anything over 40 watts. The length of the light is 31.5" and the wire is adjustable up and down and can be dropped up to 3 inches. The length of the jar is 8 1/8". Diameter is 5".

Recommended for interior use only.

All of the light related components we use are UL rated/listed. The fully assembled light has not been UL rated or tested. We recommend that the light be installed by a certified electrician.

 Please email for availability.

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