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Las Vegas Market

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All right y'all- I am on the plane on my way to the fabulous Las Vegas to attend their market for buyers in the retail industry. We have attended the market many times in Dallas since starting our business but have not attended in any other cities. Some of you already know that we lived in Las Vegas for 20 years so of course I thought this was the out of town market to start with. 

I tried to do my due diligence and review maps of the buildings and research a few new companies but just as the one in Dallas- it is MASSIVE. Multiple buildings with floors and floors of new items to peruse. I have a feeling I am going to be in heaven.

My goal is to find new lighting and furniture options. We are constantly looking for carefully selected and on trend lighting. At the same time we are getting requests for more and more furniture. 

So- be on the look out for new and exciting additions to the Pine + Ivy collection. Make sure you stay tuned to Facebook and Instagram. We will try to showcase as much as we can on social media. 

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