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Pine + Ivy

Blue Embossed Glass Vase

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This embossed reclaimed glass jar is a beautiful and functional piece that will enhance the home with its blue color and round shape. The jar is made of reclaimed glass, recycled from old bottles, jars, or windows. Reclaimed glass is eco-friendly and unique, as each piece has imperfections and variations. The jar has a lid that seals the jar and keeps the contents fresh and clean. The jar also has embossed details that add texture and charm to the piece. Use this to store and display dry food items such as candy, cookies, nuts, or spices. It has a simple and elegant design that can fit any French country, farmhouse, vintage, cottagecore, or coastal style decor. The jar can be placed on a counter, a shelf, a table, or a windowsill, adding a touch of color and charm to the home. It measures 6 inches in diameter and 11 inches in height. This food storage will elevate the home decor, whether for everyday use or special occasions.

6" Round x 11"H